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Vaccination Protocol Update

Vaccination Protocol Update

ABC is committed to providing quality preventive care for your pet in an affordable, accessible way [...]
Sunday Healthy Pet Clinic Dates

Sunday Healthy Pet Clinic Dates

Optional Sunday Express Registration Form – Print, fill out, and bring with you: Click here. [...]
Healthy Pet Clinic - Sunday, August 13th

Healthy Pet Clinic - Sunday, August 13th

Sunday Preventive Pet Healthcare Clinic from 10:00am – 2:00pm walk-in (no appt needed - arrive by 1:[...]
Leave MY Litter

Leave MY Litter

We know your heart leaps (awe!) when you see a litter of kittens (ours does, too.)  Our first conc[...]
Waco Animal Ordinance 101

Waco Animal Ordinance 101

One-time free spay/neuter is available for pets of qualifying families if you live in Waco with a Wa[...]
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By understanding the risk and prevalence of rabies you can help prevent the spread of this disease. Be smart and...
· Vaccinate pets and livestock
· Confine pets away from wildlife
· Avoid contact with unfamiliar animals
· Report animal bites immediately
· Seek medical treatment following injuries from animals

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Region 7 is comprised of 30 Texas Counties including McLennan. Since January 2017 there have been 146 positive laboratory confirmed rabies cases. It's the law to get your pets vaccinated, but it is also about human health and life. #rabies #awareness #vaccinate #health ... See MoreSee Less

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Tara JensenI wondered if you had any information regarding titer testing for senior dogs and the rabies vaccine? We're looking into titer testing for our two seniors, one is 10 and the other is almost 11. We had the 10yr old, Phoebe, inoculated when we began fostering her for rescue. We have since adopted her, so we will be considering the same protocol for both seniors. The 11yr old, Neka, we've had since she was 6 weeks old, and she's had all of her vaccines, regularly, all of her life. In my research, it would appear that the rabies vaccine is the only vaccine that can't be titer tested, because it is required by law to have your dogs vaccinated for rabies, regardless of the age, vaccine history, or health of the dog. Is this the case? She's very healthy now, but recent empirical evidence is suggesting that continuing to inoculate elderly dogs that have enough antibodies to fight off various diseases, especially ones that aren't healthy, can cause further health issues, and increase the occurrence of cancer. I wondered what information you had on this topic? We just want to make sure we're providing the best possible health plan for our pups 🐶, and I thought others might be curious about this, too. Thank you, for any information you can provide. ☺️

23 hours ago

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Tara Jensen⛱🌊🌴☀️Shared.☀️🌴🌊⛱

24 hours ago

Valeri CookAre shots done once a year ?

4 hours ago

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I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared at first, but he has calmed down after getting him home. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanitory about the post-op procedures and what to do in an emergency. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo