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Our Mission

By providing affordable spay and neuter surgeries and healthy pet services, the Animal Birth Control Clinic promotes responsible, lifetime pet ownership and saves lives.

Our History

The Animal Birth Control Clinic is a product of the original organization, the Animal Aid Humane Society which was formed in 1971. The organization began to focus on multiple areas of animal welfare. The group worked with the Waco Humane Society Animal Shelter, helping with medical bills and spays and neuters. At one time, a cruelty investigator for complaints in Waco and McLennan County. In 1983, the organization began working with local veterinarians to provide spay/neuter services to pets owned by low-income pet owners.

In 1988, the Animal Birth Control clinic was opened to offer access to affordable spay/neuter and healthy pet services for the entire community. This was done to reduce the numbers of stray and euthanized animals. Generally, our services are used by Waco and McLennan County residents. Reduced cost healthy pet services and products are provided Monday-Friday and one Sunday/month. These clinics require at least one licensed, paid veterinarian, medical staff, and the assistance of approximately 20 volunteers. We are currently performing about 265 surgeries per week.


Board of Directors

Ellen Derrick

Ginny Duncan

Stacie Layne Virden, OD

Kit Jones Myers

Allison Ditto

Jan Hicks

John Maupin

Kirk Baird

Rudy Herzog

Thank you to this special group for volunteering their time, wisdom, and skills to improve the impact of the spay/neuter and healthy pet care Animal Birth Control Clinic performs for the animals in Central Texas. If you have any questions about donating, or about our activities, please contact us. We love to hear ideas and discuss our work for the community.

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When things are perfect, there is no room for suggestions on things you could do or do better. I was so impressed with your staff, your facilities, and the organization. I loved how the medicine was pre-measured and attached for us, and the paperwork we were given, along with the verbal instructions. Not to mention a 24 hour emergency contact number - WOW! ' I had fretted over not taking mommy kitty to my regular vet, but I could not be more pleased with everything. Kudos to Ms. Kuehl for running a state of the art facility and a big thank you to Dr. Gibson for a great job.

Ceji Wesolick and Mommy Kitty