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My husband and I hate to see any animal go hungry or mistreated. We have several cats and seem to be the house where all the cats come to.
Because of the Animal Birth Control Clinic, we have been able to afford to get these cats spayed or neutered along with getting their vaccinations, then finding them good homes.
Thank you all so much and God Bless You!!!

From Renita Henley and Hannah and Abby

ABC Clinic has helped me to be able to take care of so many animals that were abandoned. If it wasn't for this clinic it would have been financially hard to spay and neuter so many pets over the years. The staff is wonderful and very caring. I appreciate so much hard work every person has put into this clinic both workers and volunteers.

From Wanda Howell and Sheila Blaine Howell

I would just like to say that you do a great service to our community and everyone there is so helpful and nice! We have been doing business with you for years and you have always taken such great care of all of our animals. Just wanted to says thanks for all you do to help curtail the unwanted pet population! I applaud your efforts! Also I would like to thank Viki Linthicum for all she does to help all animals, whether it is fostering or just outright rescuing them off the streets! She is a very special person and a wonderful friend to all animals!

From Jena Morrison and Cricket & Cosmo Morrison

I was very nervous that my deaf double merle female dog wouldn't do well at the clinic for her spay. She was very scared & initially growled at the staff. They handled it wonderfully and by the time I came back to pick her up, she was fine with everyone and happy to go home. Thank you for being so patient with her and helping her feel comfortable.

From Karla Cagle and Ana

I've had 2 dogs spayed and neutered at your clinic and am very pleased. The staff was very helpful and everything seems so organized. I drove up from Temple and I am so grateful for the low prices you offer. Thanks again, I am spreading the word about your great clinic.

From Brenda Kennedy and Jackson

I just want to take the time to thank each one of you. Bobby had his neuter yesterday. He is doing just fine, although keeping him from "licking his wounds" is a challenge. He was staggering around last night like he had way too much to drink! When we went to bed last night, (he has his own bed, but prefers ours most of the time) he fell asleep and rolled right off the bed. Fortunately, the carpet is plush, so he wasn't hurt. He just kind of looked around like he wasn't sure what the heck happened! So, I put all the bedding on the floor and we slept there so he wouldn't injure himself. He is definitely "all male" (well, not as much as he was before his surgery...LOL!). He is acting just like my husband when he has a little cold. What a baby! I want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season, and a simply super new year. You guys are the best! Take care, and may God bless you and yours. THANK YOU!!! Patricia Messner

From Patricia Messner and Bobby Boy

Animal Birth Control Clinic has performed spay/neuter procedures on 4 of our dogs. We have kept their vaccinations up-to-date at the clinic. Each experience has been wonderful. The staff and volunteers are all very professional and caring. Our dogs have been very well-cared for and loved. It would have been difficult to meet all of our dogs' needs through a private practice due to higher cost. I'm very grateful for ABC Clinic and all of the fantastic staff and, for that reason, I try to donate supplies as often as I can.

From Karen Ritter and Barney, (Bear), Baylor, Baxter, Nancy Jane, Sandy

I just wanted to share that I think the ABC Clinic is a wonderful place. You can really tell how much the staff really loves animals. Our dogs did wonderful there and we plan on using them for the rest of our fur babies lives. You guys are a blessing! Thanks! 🙂

From Stacie Velasquez and Baileyena Jeanne

I brought in my daughter's cat, Ewok, to be neutered while she and her family were in Texas on military leave. The staff was very professional and courteous and I'm coming back to have my three females spayed. If it weren't for the affordable, thorough care offered by the ABC Clinic, many of us couldn't handle the services offered. THANK YOU!

From Belinda Wostal and Ewok

I had Harley neutered at the Animal Birth Control Clinic a few months back and I just have to say that they are a God send and Harley had no problems after surgery. We walked away knowing that we are responsible owners and that Harley would be better for it! The staff there is just wonderful and we could not have asked for better treatment for Harley and towards us! Keep up the GREAT work!!

From Yvonne Salinas-Martin and Harley

Thank you so much to the ABC Clinic for all the great work that you do! My dog, Jimmy Fluff was neutered a week ago. Because Jimmy is my first dog, I had no idea what to expect. I did a lot of research of neutering in the Waco area and decided that the ABC Clinic was the best option. I especially liked that they posted all pre- and post-op care on the website, so I knew exactly what to do before I even made my appointment. The ABC Clinic staff was very nice and helpful. They answered all my questions (and I had a lot). I felt that Jimmy was in good hands for his surgery. One thing I would like to tell others is that every dog will react differently to the surgery. Jimmy was in some pain (he usually is a big cuddler, but that night he stayed by himself). But he was just fine 24 hours later. 😀 I would reccommend the ABC Clinic to everyone!

From Alexandria Monroe and Jimmy Fluff

Without ABC, our rural dog rescue would not have enjoyed the success and growth we have experienced the past 5 years. Professional and compassionate staff delivering top notch services at an affordable price. Thanks~

From Huts for Mutts Dog Rescue and Too many to count!

I have 3 dogs so having to pay for them can be really expensive, but thanks to ABC being affordable, I was able to get them fixed, shots and Heartgard for all of them. I would recomend this place 100%. They are friendly and take wonderful care of my babies. Thank you ABC.

From Melissa Martin and Capone, Tiki, Kayloni

I would highly recommend this clinic to all. The staff is very professional, friendly & caring. We had a very good experience when I took my 2 month old puppy Ranger to get his first shots. I thank you all at ABC. Ranger & Stacey

From Stacey Holt and Ranger

I brought Kenny and Packer in to have them "fixed". I was uneasy but every one there was wonderful. The dogs seemed to have almost no pain. Thanks for taking such good care of my babies. Thank you, Barbara Rodgers

From Barbara Rodgers and Kenny and Packer Rodgers

We took our boxer up to the Animal Birth Control Clinic and were very impressed with the service. I was worried about the procedure, but when the neutering was done he had only a small incision and was trying to get out and run by the next day. (It is HARD to keep a 60 lb boxer still!) The prices were great! I just wish there were more places like this!

From Cassie Helgens and Herky

Animal Birth Control Clinic has been a lifesaver for me and my husband. We live in a rural community where people dump animals thinking they will find some nice farm to live on. Unfortunately this is simply not the reality. Instead, they wind up with people like us who are already at capacity. Zoey is an example; as I came home from work there she was at the end of the street emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks, and worst of all with almost no hair due to mange. I knew I could not leave her but I worried about how I could afford to get her well. Animal Birth Control Clinic assisted me by providing low cost shots and sterilization. Thanks to there price I was able to get her mange treated and today Zoey is a happy playful and most important, HEALTHY 2 year old member of our family! THANK YOU to ABC.

From Robin Bortolus and Zoey

I had 2 dogs when one day "Bella" showed up. She looked emaciated and neglected. Little did we know that she was about to give birth. Now we have a "pack" of dogs. Thanks to ABC Clinic we could afford to have them all spayed/neutered. We also get our flea/worm treatment from them because they are more affordable than the vet. Thanks sooo much ABC Clinic! You provide an invaluable service to our community.

From Patricia Kimberley and Misty, Kiloh, Bella, Beefy, Scruffy, Beau, and Shirley

I brought Minnie Mouse in to be spayed. The staff was very friendly and understood she is not my cat, she is my fur baby. They were wonderful with her and did a great job with the surgery. Well worth the drive from Killeen, Tx. Thank you so much!

From Michelle Figge and Minnie Mouse

Thank-you so much for taking such good care of Lexi. She was spayed last week. She has healed great and everybody there was so sweet to Lexi and me.

From Connie Spencer and Lexi

My dog Missy is just like one of my kids, so naturally when she went in to be spayed I was worried. The wonderful people at the clinic made it a lot easier to leave my baby and Missy loved them. Her surgery was successful and she is doing great. Thank you to everyone who took the time to care.

From Tina Speer and Missy

I started using the ABC Clinic when I was a student at Baylor. Money was short, and I did not have the extra cash to pay the fees associated with a yearly vet visit. Thankfully, I did not have to sacrifice the health of my dog. Because of the ABC Clinic, I've been able to provide him with yearly vaccines, flea protection, and year around heart work prevention. He will be 3 in February, and is as healthy and happy as ever. Even though I now live in Gatesville and am no longer a student, I will continue to support the ABC Clinic because of the services they offered me when I needed it. It is also wonderful to know that every penny spent helps support their mission to have all animals spayed and neutered.

From Matthew Richard and Bosque

When things are perfect, there is no room for suggestions on things you could do or do better. I was so impressed with your staff, your facilities, and the organization. I loved how the medicine was pre-measured and attached for us, and the paperwork we were given, along with the verbal instructions. Not to mention a 24 hour emergency contact number - WOW! I had fretted over not taking mommy kitty to my regular vet, but I could not be more pleased with everything. Kudos to Ms. Kuehl for running a state of the art facility and a big thank you to Dr. Gibson for a great job.

Ceji Wesolick and Mommy Kitty

I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared of lots of things at first, but he has calmed down after getting him fixed. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanatory about the post-op procedures. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo

My friend and I are both from Ft. Hood, we drove out to this clinic and had our cats neutered. The Animal Birth Control Clinic is amazing! The staff was all very friendly and they provided us with plenty of information for aftercare. Jeffery and I just wanted to say thank you for the great care he recieved!

Tiffany Caler and Jeffery

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I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared at first, but he has calmed down after getting him home. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanitory about the post-op procedures and what to do in an emergency. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo