Comm C.A.T. of Greater Waco is a 100% volunteer-based Trap-Neuter-RETURN program.

We attempt to answer all request for help in a timely manner.
However, if you do not hear from us within 3 business days, please contact us again!

PLEASE NOTE: We are volunteers. We do Trap-Neuter-RETURN. We help with the resources we have available. We do NOT relocate/rehome cats or kittens. If you need to rehome or relocate a cat or kittens, you will need to call Waco Humane, Fuzzy Friends or McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition.

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I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared at first, but he has calmed down after getting him home. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanitory about the post-op procedures and what to do in an emergency. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo