Animal Birth Control Clinic Endowment Fund

For every $10 dollars you donate,
Waco Foundation will match $1

Your endowment donation helps by:

• Ensuring funds are available for free and reduced-cost surgery when families encounter tough economic times.

• Meeting the needs of our growing community without animals being a lower priority.

• Reducing dependence on municipal animal sheltering funds and private grants.

• Long-term sustainability for the clinic’s efficient, compassionate work in the future


Reaching our goal of $100,000 will fund 130 surgeries every year. This results in 650 pets that won’t know neglect, suffering or become unwanted and end up at a rescue or shelter. Right now, to make basic care affordable, the ABC Clinic subsidizes 60% of every surgery.


With your sustaining contribution, you will help ensure that many more pets will receive spay/neuter surgery they so desperately need for a boost in quality of life. A healthy endowment fund will make this future a reality.

  • Endowment Fund Goal = $80,000 20%

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When things are perfect, there is no room for suggestions on things you could do or do better. I was so impressed with your staff, your facilities, and the organization. I loved how the medicine was pre-measured and attached for us, and the paperwork we were given, along with the verbal instructions. Not to mention a 24 hour emergency contact number - WOW! ' I had fretted over not taking mommy kitty to my regular vet, but I could not be more pleased with everything. Kudos to Ms. Kuehl for running a state of the art facility and a big thank you to Dr. Gibson for a great job.

Ceji Wesolick and Mommy Kitty