Sunday Healthy Pet Clinic Dates

Optional Sunday Express Registration Form – Print, fill out, and bring with you: Click here.

When the time and date is most convenient for you, walk-in for an annual heartworm test, or 1 or 3 year update on vaccinations. Bring a book or a chatty friend M-F 10am-2:00pm (arrive before 1:30)!

Give your email (for product rebate and updates on what the clinic is doing for animals in Waco and surrounding communities). Schedule your pet’s next 1 or 3 year visit on your personal calendar before leaving the clinic.

*Note: Keep a copy of your pet’s visit records in your household pet file or snap pics to keep in your phone photo album. If your cat or dog becomes injured or ill in the future, immediately visit your nearby primary care veterinary clinic for diagnosis and treatment.



• January 14th

• February 11th


• March 11th

• April 8th


• May 20th (3rd Sunday)

• June 10th


• July 8th

• August 12th

• September 9th

• October 14th


• November 11th

• December 9th



Our costs to provide your cat and dog quality preventive care are higher than the price you actually pay; please consider helping future pets in need with a wishlist item or adding a donation to your bill before you leave. Paper towels, liquid hand soap, laundry sheets, trash bags, staff snacks (fixin’ fuel)  are used on a daily basis and MUCH appreciated.

When you have the opportunity to give back in the future, remember Animal Birth Control Clinic to help future generations of animals safe, happy and healthy. 

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When things are perfect, there is no room for suggestions on things you could do or do better. I was so impressed with your staff, your facilities, and the organization. I loved how the medicine was pre-measured and attached for us, and the paperwork we were given, along with the verbal instructions. Not to mention a 24 hour emergency contact number - WOW! ' I had fretted over not taking mommy kitty to my regular vet, but I could not be more pleased with everything. Kudos to Ms. Kuehl for running a state of the art facility and a big thank you to Dr. Gibson for a great job.

Ceji Wesolick and Mommy Kitty