Flea Prevention & Control

Pick up anytime we are open (except staff development hour  – Thursday 3:00-4:00).

6 month or 12 month packages save you time and allow for significant savings rebates; ask a staff member at checkout. See below if you are seeing fleas and an infestation has begun.



Fleas lay dozens of eggs each day. These eggs must hatch over a period of months as many are difficult to reach, even with chemicals. Keep all animals in the environment treated with a quality control product for at least several months to handle the fleas as they hatch. Treat also the home and yard for several months.

Home treatment may include Diatomaceous Earth (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes) to speed the process effectively with a non-chemical. Google: Diatomaceous Earth fleas for usage information.

Prices as of March 2017

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I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared at first, but he has calmed down after getting him home. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanitory about the post-op procedures and what to do in an emergency. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo