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Community TNR is at the heart of a Target Zero Community. Working together with you,
we are making a BIG difference for all cats and our neighborhoods!

Community Cat Action Team of Greater Waco is a program of the Animal Birth Control Clinic which proudly collaborates with animal care & control units. To donate, note the gift is to be used for spay/neuter of cats (Comm C.A.T. Program). 

Top 10 basic safety tips:

  1. Rent a spay/neuter trap. Cats strongly fear the process of their beloved feeder (you) grabbing, picking them up, and pushing them into a carrier.  Using traps keeps our staff safe, the kitty happier with you, and you avoid a $10,000-$20,000+ medical bill to get the post-exposure rabies vaccinations.
  2. If you feed outdoor cats, do not overfeed! Overfeeding (leaving food out more than 30 minutes at a time) exposes your cats by establishing a reliable food chain buffet, attracting skunks, raccoons, dogs, hawks, owls, AND additional area cats (which you probably aren’t prepared to responsibly take on for the rest of their lives).
  3. If you feed community cats in the evening, do not leave kibble available in the dark. Collect all food and dishes when you’re done feeding your group. Keep the area very clean to avoid pests, rodents, birds, and picky neighbors.
  4. If you trap a skunk, notify Waco Animal Care, 254.750.7500 or your local Animal Care Services unit.
  5. If you’re doing TNR, avoid using a cat carrier. Use a humane live trap or a TNR loaner trap. Cats prefer the traps. (These are available for one week at Animal Birth Control Clinic with a $50 refundable deposit).
  6. If you have community cats in your neighborhood or at your business – start TNR immediately, before an additional litter is born which will need resources and care that are already thin.
  7. The shelter will not accept a healthy community cat. Unfixed cats will move in to take their place with food, water and shelter availability; the cycle won’t end unless TNR is used. Cats are fixed, Rabies vaccinated, get a left eartip for identification. These eartipped neighborhood cats will protect their resources (food, water, shelter), and will discourage new cats from coming to that feeding location. Reduce the amount of food given as the colony size naturally goes down instead of speeding out of control. Leave food out only 30 minutes at a time, then pick it up; especially important after dark.
  8. For more tips TNR, please visit the clinic or email animalbirthcontrol@sbcglobal.net.

Cats MUST be returned to their outdoor home (familar food, water, safe shelter, etc).
We will show you how easy it is to Trap-Neuter-Return.
We do not relocate cats. Cats (like other creatures) attempt to return to comforts of known food, water, and comfortable surroundings.
We don’t provide rescue.

Pediatric kittens should remain near where they were found with the age noted for spay/neuter follow up. The mother is watching and wanting them nearby. They need their mother’s special milk, cat-to-cat socialization, and care. These things are difficult for humans to duplicate for kittens and too often result in lifelong issues if they survive.

Rabies Reminders

Trap-Neuter-Return is so important – not only in helping our community with too many cats – but for the safety of our families and neighborhoods.
Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR, results in a “managed” group of non-reproducing, Rabies vaccinated neighborhood cats with the left eartip for identification.
Some funds for FREE Trap-Neuter-Return is available at Animal Birth Control Clinic thanks to a generous  partnership with the City of Waco. We encourage Waco citizens with a Waco Water Bill to immediate take advantage of FREE TNR!

How to Live with Neighborhood Cats

How to Help Feral Cats

The Vacuum Effect
If you read on, you’ll find this is smartest and most cost-effective solution to addressing free-roaming cat issues.

Also, read our CAREGIVERS CORNER for solutions to common cat complaints.

TNR is #1 on the list of progressive programs for a successful Target Zero community.

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco Goals

  • Offer humane resources and solutions for our community
  • Stop the excess breeding of outdoor cats
  • Train and empower cat caregivers to manage their colonies well for the cats, themselves and neighbors.
  • Mitigate nuisance calls to Animal Care with simple, inexpensive property-protecting tips
  • Unify to ensure human safety without unnecessarily endangering healthy outdoor cats.

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco

Since June 2007, CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco has helped neighbors in the Greater Waco area with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) resources and support.

TNR humanely halts outdoor cat overpopulation and makes our community a better place to live, work and play.

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco is a 100% volunteer group. This is growing and we really need new trap/transport volunteers! It is fun, join us!

CONTACT US to learn more about TNR.

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco works to ensure that healthy feral cats can peacefully co-exist in a safe environment by providing coaching about TNR for outdoor cats.

Benefits of TNR include:

  • Healthier, shinier, nourished outdoor cats.
  • Fewer cat fights, roaming from feeding areas, yowling and territorial spraying.
  • Designated feeding areas are kept clean by dedicated caregivers.
  • No more sick litters of kittens.
  • Saves taxpayer dollars by reducing nuisance calls to Animal Care.

The “left eartip” is painless & performed at the time of surgery.

It provides identification to caregivers, neighbors, Animal Care, and shelter staff should a cat mistakenly end up at the shelter.

A TNR cat has been spayed or neutered, given a 3-year rabies vaccination, and is a member of a managed colony.

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco provides

  • Online TNR resources
  • TNR coaching to get caregivers started with TNR
  • Trap & Transport assistance for elderly or physically-challenged caregivers
  • Trap Bank loaner traps
  • Individual Caregiver fundraising coaching
  • Public Forums Hosting
  • Public Resource Tables
  • TNR-Technical Volunteer Orientations
  • Trap Team workshops
  • Donated cat food for the elderly and low-income caregivers (as available) for 100% managed colonies.
  • CAREGIVER MIXERS – Chat time for TNR Caregivers.  These provide networking, social time, colony care tips and moral support!

“If you’re gonna feed them, you must fix them!”

CommC.A.T. of Greater Waco will show you how easy TNR is!

A special thank you to the following groups

  • Alley Cat Allies
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Neighborhood Cats
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
  • Indy Cats

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I am VERY satisfied with everything. Leo was kind of scared at first, but he has calmed down after getting him home. We couldn't believe the prices and everything that is included with the procedure, and everything was so helpful. The staff is soooo nice and was very explanitory about the post-op procedures and what to do in an emergency. Thank you ABC Clinic!!

Rebecka Feil and Leo