Project Treasured Tails

The Animal Birth Control Clinic is partnering with Meals & Wheels social work team to help clients get access to preventive pet healthcare, which keeps their cat or dog healthy, happy and safe with them in their home.

Through Project Treasured Tails, ABC Clinic volunteers are going to homes of Meals & Wheels clients to transport their cat or dog for a day of pet healthcare such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, and flea treatment.

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Volunteer Jan P. said, “I get joy in helping others and since I love animals also, it only seemed natural to help the folks on Meals and Wheels with the furry friends that are so precious to them throughout their day. Many clients don’t have family or a friend who can help them with their pets, and it only takes a little time out of my day. The pets are happy and healthier, so they will live longer with the person that loves them so!”

Libby Bellinger, Associate Director of Meals & Wheels stated, “The Animal Birth Control Clinic’s services benefit our clients and the whole community. Because of ABC Clinic, our city has better-behaved, vaccinated pets which are no longer having litters to burden families and our neighborhoods.”

“We have received great feedback from our clients,” reports Director of Meals on Wheels, Tammy Woods. “One client, Mrs. H had her son bring “Miss Bree” to have her very long toenails trimmed and to get basic vaccinations. She said the whole experience was wonderful. The staff was friendly, and “Miss Bree” enjoyed her visit. Mrs. H said that “Miss Bree” would get anxious at vet clinics in the past, but said that she was relaxed and comfortable at ABC Clinic. She thinks it was because they called her “Miss Bree” instead of just Bree. According to Mrs. H, her dog really prefers to be called “Miss Bree” and lights up when she is called as such.”

The Animal Birth Control Clinic will provide nearly 14,000 affordable or free spay/neuter surgeries for those that need it most. The result of these proactive efforts will prevent more than 65,000 additional cats and dogs from being born and burdening rescues, shelters, taxpayers, or ending up homeless.

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My friend and I are both from Ft. Hood, we drove out to this clinic and had our cats neutered. The Animal Birth Control Clinic is amazing! The staff was all very friendly and they provided us with plenty of information for aftercare. Jeffery and I just wanted to say thank you for the great care he recieved!

Tiffany Caler and Jeffery