Vaccinations & Basic Preventive Care

Monday – Friday 10am-2pm walk-in only (arrive before 1:30).  Walk-ins are also welcome on 2nd Sundays 10am-2pm (1:30).


Walk-ins allow you to visit the clinic at your convenience rather than stick to an appointment. Be prepared to wait (since we don’t provide preventive care by appointment) – bring a book or a chatty friend. (Avoid staff development hour – Thursday 3:00-4:00). Review our update vaccine protocols before visiting us.


Puppy / Kitten Wellness Package    $100  Total paid on the first visit

Includes:  2-4 puppy/kitten vaccination boosters every 3 weeks (full series), dewormings, spay/neuter surgery (at 4 to 5 months old for easiest recovery), Rabies vaccination/tag/certificate, dose of flea control, nail trim at the time of surgery & 1st monthly dose of heartworm prevention.

Begin the package just after weaning, must be completed before 6 months of age, unused portions/services are non-refundable. (Well over $160 in value).


Dog Package   $40  
Distemper/Parvovirus Combo Vaccination $20
Heartworm Test $15
Rabies $10

Cat Package  $30  
Feline Vaccination Combo (FVRCP/FeLeuk) $25
Rabies $10

Puppy Vaccinations   Distemper/Parvovirus Combo  $20
(Puppies need these 2-4 boosters; each 3 weeks apart.)

Kitten Vaccinations Feline Vaccine Combo  $25
(Kittens need these 2-4 boosters; each 3 weeks apart.)

Basic Preventive Care Services

  • Heartworm Test                       $15
  • Microchip                                  $25
  • Kennel Cough (Bordetella)     $10
  • Feline Leuk / FIV Test            $25
  • Nail Trim                                   $10

Sunday Express Registration Form (Optional) – Print, fill out, and bring with you. : Click to download.

Animal Birth Control Clinic Vaccination Frequency Protocol


Prices effective January 2016

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When things are perfect, there is no room for suggestions on things you could do or do better. I was so impressed with your staff, your facilities, and the organization. I loved how the medicine was pre-measured and attached for us, and the paperwork we were given, along with the verbal instructions. Not to mention a 24 hour emergency contact number - WOW! ' I had fretted over not taking mommy kitty to my regular vet, but I could not be more pleased with everything. Kudos to Ms. Kuehl for running a state of the art facility and a big thank you to Dr. Gibson for a great job.

Ceji Wesolick and Mommy Kitty